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the ultimate Idiot Guide!
Qualifying for this title I thought I would add to it!!

How to edit (alter keys/files/attributes etc) in the Dreambox using the Plugin... 'TuxBox Commander'.

NO Internet connection needed when using 'TuxBox Commander'.

Example below using image: Gemini 2.6, but also fully works in other images... DaVinci, Hydra etc.

Obviously when you first use 'TuxBox Commander' you may be a little pensive, so to protect yourself, make a back up copy of the image with the program 'Flash Wizard' and, if anything goes amiss with your updating/playing with files etc, you can at least reload the back up image to the DB.

Suggest as always, that you use a USB memory stick for your working image as opposed to the HDD (always spinning), and leave the flash image untouched, ie: contains NO softcams and/or key files etc, that way basically you should encounter no problems.

Anyway, you probably have this plugin already in your running image: Gemini/DaVinci etc, with the yellow or blue button scroll down and select 'TuxBox Commander'.

Those who have an understanding of the FTP progs will recognise the basic on screen file structure.

************************************************** ***********************

Example of how to edit and update the daily Multivision ('tpscrypt') key change.

Firstly with 'newcamd'

We need to locate, as in FTP, the 'tpscrypt' file the path is... 'var/scce/tpscrypt'

The opening Tuxbox screen may differ depending on its last use, but, in this example to edit the 'tps' file, look for it on the left side and with the 'up' and 'down' buttons of the remote, highlight the file named 'var' and press 'ok'.(The opening screen may be different and you can already see the 'scce' file or even further advanced and can see the 'tpscrypt' file.)

If after 'var', from the new files displayed highlight the file 'scce' and press 'ok'.

Next screen, highlight the file 'tpscrypt' but DO NOT press 'ok' on the remote.

Referring to the options at the foot of the screen ('1-rights', '2-rename', '3-view' etc which are not highlightable),and after ensuring the 'tpscrypt' file is highlighted, press '4' on the remote control, this takes you into the '4-edit' mode.

Scroll down to the desired line you wish to edit, in this case the line beginning '007c00:01:etc'....highlight it and press 'ok'.

The line is NOW active and anything you touch on the remote will result in a change to the file, does not matter too much if you make an error as you have an option (see later) to deny the changes you have made. ****Good job as I have made many!!!

Using the 'right' button on the remote move along the line to where the amended keys are to start, in this instance after ' 007c00:01:', so that the red position indicator sits over the first key (letter/number) to be edited. This 'tps' key needs the 32 (16x2) keys replaced.

If you refer to the foot of the screen you will see what letters/numbers/symbols etc are represented by the number pressed on the remote control, ie: for an 'a' '2' on the remote control once.
for a 'b' '2' on the remote control twice.
for a 'c' '2' on the remote control three times.
for a '2' '2' on the remote control four times.

After you have entered a key value, the next entry YOU make will automatically be inserted to the right of the previous entry, ie: correct place and no need for you to move to the right using the remote. There is an exception, and it must be mentioned that, say for example, the keys 'bc' need to be entered, that after you have entered the 'b' and before you enter the 'c' you WILL have to move, using the remote 'right' button, one to the right, then enter the 'c'....this is because (look at the foot of the screen) that the 'b' and 'c' values are both obtained using the number '2' on the remote and if not moved manually to the right the 'b' input is overwritten with 'c'.

**clear as mud, never mind that is why I suggest an image back up prior to editing or until the prog is fully understood.

To sum up, to enter 'bc' :

a)press '2' on the remote twice = 'b'
b)press the 'right' button on the remote once (moves the red indicator one space to the right)
c)press '2' on the remote three times = 'c'

Follow this style thoughout the line remembering to put a space after every second input (obtained by using the 'right' on the remote). I find it easy to follow the old existing keys and position the 'red' indicator accordingly (ie: overwriting) .

When you have entered the 32 (16x2) keys press the 'ok' button and then visually check that you have made the correct editing required. If not, and you spot an error, simply ensure the offending line is highlighted and press the 'ok' button to re-enter the edit mode.

After all is checked press the red 'Exit' button and then select the 'yes' option on the nextscreen display. If you select 'No', NONE of your input will be saved, ie: you have done no damage/alterations and are free to start again!


Then again press 'Exit' and select 'yes'. This takes you back to the 'Plugins' selection screen.

Job done, restart your cam, in this instance 'newcamd' and you will, if all is ok, see your required Multivision channel.

If the channel/s do not appear to work there are rare times that you will/may have to set/change the rights/chmod to the amended file, as you do with FTP ie: 755 etc.

With TuxBox Commander open, highlight the file JUST edited, ie: 'tpscrypt', and, as shown at the bottom of the screen, press number '1' on the remote to enter the 'rights' mode. Here you can see the permissions, indicated by either a green or a red square, to change the value highlight the line in question and change the colour from red to green by pressing 'ok' on the remote, at times it is necessary to go to the top one, alter that to red then back to green, then move to the others to change those to green. ALL progs have their quirks and this is no exception!!
After this select 'ok' ON THE SCREEN then press 'ok' on the remote to accept.


************************************************** *********************

Next...with emu 'camd3' (found in path 'var/keys/camd3.keys')


As above open TuxBox Commander, you will see that the opening screen is the one that you last used. To get to the required 'camd3.keys' file, highlight the two dots '..' at the left of the screen and press 'ok' on the remote. Scroll up to 'keys', highlight and press 'ok', then scroll down to 'camd3.keys', highlight and DO NOT press 'ok' but instead press number '4' on remote to enter the edit mode (same as when editing 'tpscrypt' file above).

The 'camd3.keys' file is obviously very large with so many op keys, scroll down to find, in this case, under the heading 'Viaccess', then key line '0500:007c00:0000000000:80 etc etc' (take care that it is the correct line, in this instance, for the daily 'TPS' change). Highlight the line and press ok on the remote to enter the live edit mode.With this softcam you only need to edit the 32 key line WITHOUT spaces, unlike the 'tpscrypt' file in newcamd. When complete press 'ok' then 'Exit', then select 'yes' to save. Now, if you wish, you can check the rights by pressing mumber '1' on the remote. If all are green then select 'ok' and press 'ok' on remote, press 'Exit' on remote, select 'yes' and press 'ok' on remote.

May need to restart your softcam as normal, selecting your preferred , through the blue button.

************************************************** **********************

Example of how to... ADD A NEW LINE to an existing file, in this case... 'constantcw'.
Recently, two lines of provider keys etc for the 2x Red Light channels at 13║E, needed to be added to the 'constantcw' file.

Copy MANUALLY the contents/amendments that you wish to ADD to your EXISTING 'constantcw' file, ie: the new details if your Dreambox is not connected to Internet or, situated elsewhere.

Firstly with 'newcamd'

Open 'TuxBox Commander' and follow the path to the file via:

a) 'var/scce/constantcw'
b) Highlight 'constantcw' then press '4 Edit' with remote control
c) Green button.. 'Insert Line' command on remote- add the two SEPERATE lines for the two channels.
d) 'Exit' on the remote and 'save' as previously advised above....

The file in existence already contained the working 'cw' lines for the MTV's etc at 19║E, so only had to use the 'Insert Line' feature.

ADD line.JPG

......and finished!

Next with emu 'camd3' (although slightly different data input) but opening line and path to the file via:

a) 'var/keys/camd3.keys'
b),c)and d), as above.

Main point....YES had to obtain the 'cw' file info, but editing/updating all done with no internet connection/FTP etc, is found to be very useful for those folk who do not have the Dreambox permanently connected to the PC.

Again the above is based on using Gemini 2.6 but basically same on DaVinci etc, depending on your placement of keys.

Have indicated the two commonly used softcams but MGCamd,Evocamd, Scam, Camx, F Biss, GBox, can all be handled.

If you simply want to look at the files and their contents but NOT edit, highlight the file and (referring to the menu on bottom of screen) press '3' on the remote to 'view' danger at all of any editing in error!
************************************************** *********************

Guide to Emu's and their respective key directories/ paths to edit files:

Newcamd: = 'var/scce/constantcw,keylist,rsakeylist,tpscrypt'
or = 'var/tuxbox/scce/constantcw,keylist,rsakeylist,tpscrypt' ....depending on Dreambox/image.

Camd3: = 'var/keys/camd3.keys'

Biss: = 'var/keys/biss_key'

Evocamd: = 'var/keys/Autoupdate.Key' and 'Keylist.txt'

MGcamd: = 'var/keys/AutoRoll.Key' and 'SoftCam.Key'

CamX: = 'var/keys/SoftCam.Key'

Scam: = 'var/keys/irdeto,nagra,seca,tps,via' etc

GBox: = 'var/keys/irdeto,nagra,seca,tps,via' etc

************************************************** *********************

There are lots of other things which you will pick up with trial and error and you will certainly get to know the correct paths for the softcam files!!

LAST COMMENT - Do NOT forget to protect yourself by backing up your image before you edit, think this is good practice whatever prog/plugin you use with the Dreambox.

Hope you derive some learning and satisfaction from this great plugin.

Would appreciate constructive critisism and updates/additions on this posting for peoples easier use. - please PM remarks or open a new thread in the Dreambox section!

All said and done the Dreambox is a truly fantastic receiver.

Thank you.

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