B4U Buys Onto AsiaSat-3S

AsiatSat-3S satellite Asia Satellite Telecommunications Company Limited (AsiaSat) has announced B4U Broadband (India) Private Limited (B4U) has signed a contract to deliver two Hindi television channels, B4U Movies and B4U Music, through AsiaSatís C-band full transponder MCPC (Multiple Channels per Carrier) platform on AsiaSat-3S.

Under the agreement, AsiaSat provides C-band capacity and transmission services to deliver B4Uís television signals to AsiaSatís Tai Po Earth Station in Hong Kong, for uplinking onto AsiaSat-3Sís full transponder MCPC platform. Aboard South Asiaís most popular television platform AsiaSat-3S, B4U now enjoys instantaneous access to all cable and pay TV.