Viability French terrestrial pay TV questioned

The viability of terrestrial pay TV in France in questioned after the media group Lagardere Interactive said it might cease the broadcasts of its low pay kids channel Canal J on the French digital terrestrial network. The announcement follows the closure of AB1 of the Groupe AB last October.

According to Didier Quillot, head of Largardere Interactive, talking to Le Figaro, Canal J has been very successful on cable and satellite, but has now been overshadowed by Gulli, a free-to-air channel on DTT also owned by Lagardere. “Terrestrial pay TV has suffered setbacks everywhere in Europe,” he said.

Only the Canal+ Group seems to do well with terrestrial pay TV, reporting a 50% increase during the past 12 months, compared with a 30% of IPTV customers.

Following the planned closure of AB1, new channels are lining up to take its place. The catholic KTO hopes to secure the vacant space with their free to air channel.