Erotic Dorcel TV in CanalSat

* 2008-12-30 00:05:21 / Jacek Grzeszczak
* Last update: 2008-12-30 06:48:59
* Source: TS

20 January to offer the French CanalSat will join erotic Package Dorcel TV channel. The terminal will replace the 223 items on the Pink TV / PinkX TV, which will be moved to channel 224 In Poland, Dorcel TV is offered on separate cards to the channels Free-X TV.

In CanalSat Dorcel TV will be offered the option Horizons for 12 euros a month, along with seven other channels: Animaux, Escales, Toute l'Histoire, Encyclopedia, Action, Mezzo and XXL, but will it also can be purchased completely separately.

Technical parameters for CanalSat subscribers:
Astra 1H (19.2 E)
tp. 97 (12.344 GHz, pol. H, SR: 27500, FEC: 3 / 4)

ID: Dorcel TV
V PID: 522
A PID: 124
PID PCR: 8190
SID: 2045
PMT PID: 2045
Encoding: Irdeto 2, Seca Mediaguard 2 and PC Viaccess 2.6

With the same frequency benefit package subscribers Dutch Canal Digitaal and the holders of individual papers dedicated to the receipt of the Astra satellites (only 1 channel - Dorcel TV).