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Thread: RS232 problem

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    RS232 problem

    Hello all,

    I just tried to update my FS-7000 with FW 6.47 to 6.48 but I am not able to make a connection between the computer and the Mvision.
    It always worked perfectly. Yesterday I updated the channel list without problems.
    Only strange thing is that when I tell my Mvision to do a factory reset, it does not remove all channels, but puts about 900 channels in the memory.

    Anyone some advise?
    Maybe some settings in my Com1 port on the computer which have changed?

    Is it possible the Mvision wrote down channels on a place where it should not?
    I think I had more then 5000 channels in it and saving the last ones was very slow.

    Thanks for your advise.

    Happy new year all

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    Re: RS232 problem

    hi there,

    try to restart your computer and set baudrate of your commport to 152000 and than try to connect your receiver to you computer


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