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Film Four

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My Neighbour Totoro (U) 1988 Two youngsters move to a new home in the countryside when their mother is taken ill and are thrilled to discover the house is next to an enchanted forest, where all manner of magical creatures dwell. Befriending the eldest and wisest of the strange Totoros, they are taken on a series of amazing adventures. Enchanting animated fantasy from the creator of Spirited Away, with the voices of Dakota and Elle Fanning. Dubbed in English (888)

The Thief of Bagdad (U) 1940 Alexander Korda's Oscar-winning Arabian Nights adventure, starring Sabu in the title role of the thief who finds himself imprisoned with the deposed king. Together, the pair come up with a plan to escape and reclaim the throne in the name of the rightful monarch with a little help from flying carpets, a genie, a magical jewel and an enchanted mechanical horse. Conrad Veidt, Rex Ingram, John Justin and June Duprez also star (888)

Freaky Friday (U) 1976 Jodie Foster stars in this engaging tale of a workaholic woman and her precocious teenage daughter who magically change bodies for a day, and get an unforgettable insight into each other's lives. With Barbara Harris, Patsy Kelly, John Astin, Charlene Tilton and Sorrell Booke. One of Disney's better productions, this fantasy comedy has been remade twice, most recently in 2003, but the original is still the best, even if Mary Rodgers' script comes a little unstuck with its irritating slapstick finale (888)

Australia Special Director Baz Luhrmann and stars Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman discuss the making of the epic romantic drama

Young Sherlock Holmes (PG) 1985 Enjoyable action-packed adventure, co-produced by Steven Spielberg, rewriting Arthur Conan Doyle's popular stories to have the brilliant detective and faithful sidekick Watson meeting as teenage students at public school an encounter that leads to their first investigation when the elderly members of an archaeological group begin to die under mysterious circumstances. Starring Nicholas Rowe, Alan Cox, Sophie Ward, Anthony Higgins and Freddie Jones, and directed by Barry Levinson

The Family Stone (PG) 2005 Fiancee Sarah Jessica Parker struggles to make a good impression on her future in-laws when they meet her during Christmas. The decision to get some support from her younger sister doesn't help matters either, when her husband-to-be becomes besotted by the gorgeous girl. Comedy drama, with Dermot Mulroney, Diane Keaton, Craig T Nelson and Claire Danes (888)

Sexy Beast (18) 2000 A retired gangster, enjoying the high life in Spain, becomes the target of unwanted attention when a psychotic former partner in crime resolves to enlist his expertise for a major bank robbery. Stylish crime thriller, starring Ray Winstone as the harassed ex-safecracker who just wants to enjoy a peaceful retirement, alongside Ben Kingsley, who received an Oscar nomination for his scene-stealing performance as the deranged mobster who refuses to take no for an answer (888)

All About My Mother (15) 1999 A distraught woman attempts to overcome the shock of her son's death by changing her job, moving to a new town and becoming a pillar of strength for her friends. Simply superb, affectionate drama, with Cecilia Roth, Penelope Cruz, Candela Pena and Marisa Paredes. Directed by renowned Spanish film-maker Pedro Almodovar, who won the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar for his endeavours

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