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Film Four

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The Nutcracker (U) 1993 Macaulay Culkin stars in this version of Tchaikovsky's classic ballet as a prince who meets a little girl in a fantasy world of oversized toys. Narrated by Kevin Kline, with Darci Kistler and Kyra Nichols

2.50pm The Hot Rock (U) 1972 A pair of bungling brothers-in-law are hired by an African ambassador to steal a priceless diamond from the Brooklyn Museum so it can be returned to its country of origin. However, no sooner do they have the gem than they manage to lose it, and face a race against time to retrieve it. Crime caper based on the novel by Donald Westlake, starring Robert Redford, George Segal, Ron Leibman, Zero Mostel, Paul Sand and Moses Gunn

Rat Race (12) 2001 A casino magnate approaches a group of no-hopers with the offer of $2million to the first person to retrieve the sum from a locker in a train station in New Mexico, prompting a madcap cross-continent dash. Meanwhile, high-rolling gambling friends of the casino owner are placing bets on which of the bumbling contestants will win. Comedy, starring Seth Green, Cuba Gooding Jr, Rowan Atkinson, John Cleese and Whoopi Goldberg (888)

Scrooged (PG) 1988 An unpleasant TV executive who spreads misery and gloom among his employees is prompted to mend his ways after being visited by his dead boss and the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future. Richard Donner's modern retelling of Dickens' A Christmas Carol, starring Bill Murray, Karen Allen, Carol Kane, John Forsythe and Robert Mitchum (888)

Australia Special Director Baz Luhrmann and stars Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman discuss the making of the epic romantic drama

The Transporter (15) 2002 An underworld courier ends up battling his powerful employers when his conscience gets the better of him leading to a desperate struggle to bring down the villains' crooked business and stay alive. Action adventure, starring Jason Statham, who used his performances in Guy Ritchie's gangster films as a springboard to launch his Hollywood career. With Shu Qi, Matt Schulze and Francois Berleand

Saw (18) 2004 Premiere. Detectives hunt a killer who kidnaps his victims and forces them to play sadistic games with life-or-death consequences. Meanwhile, two strangers wake to find themselves chained to pipes in a filthy, derelict bathroom, at the mercy of the madman. Taut horror, written by and starring Leigh Whannell, alongside Cary Elwes, Danny Glover and Dina Meyer. The sequel can be seen tomorrow at 10pm, while a fifth annual instalment was released in cinemas yesterday in the run-up to Hallowe'en (888)

Arlington Road (15) 1999 A mild-mannered professor thinks there's something not quite right about his new neighbours. Convinced they are members of a terrorist group, he puts his life on the line to prove it but nobody else is willing to believe his suspicions are anything but paranoia. Thriller, starring Jeff Bridges, Tim Robbins, Joan Cusack and Hope Davis (888)

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