Czech digital channel doubts surface

TV Barrandov, the Czech Republicís newest digital TV channel, is set to make its debut on January 11. According to Parabola, the start up costs of the service, which is backed by Moravia Steel, will be in the region of CZK1 billion (Ä37.33 million).

However, as Digizone points out, there is still little firm information about other planned Czech digital TV channel launches.

Both Radim Parizek, the owner of TV Pohoda, and Fero Fenic, the Slovak filmmaker and owner of Febio TV, have said their respective services may launch in early 2010.

Jaroslav Berka, the owner of the Regional Television Agency (RTA), has meanwhile hinted at a May 2009 launch for his new digital TV channel.

Much depends on the resolution of technical difficulties being encountered in the Czech Republic as it undertakes the transition to digital broadcasting.

The global financial crisis and its likely impact on the Czech TV marketplace is also a growing concern.