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Thread: Orientation for newbies.

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    Question Orientation for newbies.

    Salutations to all, I am as 'newbie' as they get with respect to FTA in general. Is there an orientation thread or something of the sort? I noticed that the informative sections regarding setup do not itemize any information. Help please direct me to the correct section.

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    Re: Orientation for newbies.

    I'm also a newbie, it'd be good to find a place with a guide (there are so many subforums and members here!) and a place for introductions and orientations.

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    Smile Re: Orientation for newbies.

    You must read the posts.
    It`s all in the forum

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    Talking Re: Orientation for newbies.

    Holy Crap- where do you start? I found this site through a whole slew of searches that lead me to the dreambox, which, upon googling dreambox and another phrase- I found this site. Now I am overwhelmed by all of the terminology and the seemingly infinite number of ways to watch sat tv. Looks like you can use a cam, share cards, do something with a server... Holy sh#@t this is going to take a while to even decide which method of watching tv I am going to go with. *NEW PEOPLE*If you look up the username chouchou and look at his posts or do a search for "tuto*" you will see that this member has posted a lot of golden little tutorial nuggets mainly involving the dreambox and some other stuff like ccam and gbox or something- I have been reading these and they are very good and informative- I am just kind of not sure what the hell I am reading about sometimes- it is like eating a bologna sandwhich from the middle to the bread. I am thinking that I am going to need to get a dreambox and go from there because it seems to be pretty widely used to watch satellite TV. Hell, all of this sprouted up in my mind because I was looking to buy a TV tuner to put into my PC and so I started seeing if there were channels from all over the world out there floating around that I could watch... apparently there are! YAY! A new hobby!

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