Polsat Sport leader among the sports channels

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research in 2008 most interest among Polish viewers in the category of sports channels attracted station Polsat Sport. Its market share was 0.56 percent. Immediately after it found itself with the Eurosport channel share of 0.52 percent. and a second sports station Polsatu - Polsat Sport Extra (0.18 percent)..

On the fourth spot landed Canal + Sport (0,12 percent.), And then turn Eurosport 2 (0.05 percent)., TVP Sport (0,04 percent.), Extreme Sports (0.04 percent) and Sportklub (0, 02 percent.).

Even better result Polsat Sport wrote in the most attractive to advertisers target group of 16-49 years. Station reached a share of 0.60 percent. (Eurosport: 0.52 percent., Polsat Sport Extra: 0,19 percent., Canal + Sport: 0,15 percent., Eurosport 2: 0.05 percent., Extreme Sports: 0.05 percent., TVP Sport: 0 , 03 percent. Sportklub and 0.02 percent.).

Polsat Sport was also popular among sports station that you're looking at a range of cable and satellite services - 0.98 percent. (Eurosport: 0,91 percent., Polsat Sport Extra: 0.31 percent.) And within the platform Cyfrowy Polsat - 1.82 percent. (Eurosport: 1 percent., Polsat Sport Extra: 0.52 percent.).

Strange that the studies are not included the participation of nSport nz popular television transmissions from the Football League Championship matches. Only television n also gives Sportklub and TVP Sport. Research in this way can easily break unless it was made solely on the basis of data from the network cable