Elektro Power Save 3.0.2 by Morty

Elektro Power Save for Dreambox 7025
Version 1 & 2 by gutemine
Version 3 by Morty <morty@gmx.net>

Release infos
1.0 first version, as usually completely
untested - have Fun !
1.1 now after boot the Dreambox will go
immediately to normal Standby
1.2 some bugfixes on Plugin Text and
make standby on boot configurable
2.0 make ipk kit, add info messages before standby
and prevent deepstandby if timer is running
2.1 bugfixes and support for new images with TryQuit
mainloop (which is since mid January 2007 in CVS)
2.2 still alive
2.3 make compatible with latest CVS changes
probably last version by gutemine

3.0 Rewritten by Morty, lots of new features

1) Prerequisites
Should work on most systems, but this isn't granted.

2) Installation
First copy the elektro*.ipk file from elektro*.zip
to /tmp with ftp (TCP/IP must be working already).

If you have flashed an image that offer in Blue
Pannel Manual Addon Install you can use this
functionality to install the ipk file.

If not, then install Elektro by entering the
following commands in a Telnet session:

cd /
ipkg install /tmp/elektro*.ipk

The ipkg install will also restart enigma for
you to get the Elektro Plugin shown in addons
menu. If it doesn't show up try to reboot

3) Mode of operation
The Electro Pover Save Plugin puts the box from
stand by to sleep mode (Deep Standby) at certain
times. This only happens if the box is in standby
and no recording is running or sheduled in the
next 20 minutes.

The box automatically wakes up for recordings or
at the end of the sleep time. You therefore don't
have to wait until it is on again.

4) Optiones
Main menu -> Extensions -> Elektro Power Save

- Enable Electro Power Save
Enables the Plugin.

- Standby on boot
Puts the box in standby after boot.

- Force sleep
Forces sleep, even when not in standby. This
has influence on sheduled recordings.

- Dont wake up
Do not wake up at the end of the sleep time.

- Next day starts at and other times
If the box is supposed to go to sleep Monday night
at 1 it is actually already Thuesday. To make this
nonetheless possible, it must be known when the
next day Starts.
Hopefully the rest is self-explanatory.

Have Fun to let Elektro Save Power and the
Environment with your Dreambox 7025 !!!!