Al-Jazeera comes to Sony Ericsson phones

By Robert Briel | January 5, 2009 | 10:47 UK

The Al Jazeera Network and Sony Ericsson have announced a new partnership that will bring headline news straight to mobile phones. Headline news will be available in both English and Arabic. Several Sony Ericsson handheld devices on the market today in the MENA region will have an Al Jazeera RSS feed preinstalled. Owners of the devices can request daily international news updates straight from the Al Jazeera Network through the RSS feed.

Al Jazeera RSS feed links are now built into the software of the following Sony Ericsson models: W910, G502, W760, and W980. “Al Jazeera’s partnership with Sony Ericsson is an important step as our audience becomes increasingly ‘on-the-go,’” said Saeed Othman Bawazir, Al Jazeera’s Director of Technology, in a statement. “Today’s news consumer wants to be informed of the latest developments-anytime, anywhere.”

The Al Jazeera/Sony Ericsson partnership will build on Al Jazeera’s existing New Media initiative, which includes a host of interactive platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and the iPhone application.