Belgian consumer union critical of digital TV

The Belgian consumer organization Test-Aankoop is critical of the digital TV in the country, saying it offers too few benefits. The club says there is a lack of competition and unnecessary additional costs charged to the consumer
“Digital television was said to totally change our relationship with the screen,” writes Test Aankoop, “The distribution companies promised us programmes a la carte, interactive applications, an electronic program guide, exceptional picture and sound quality and more of that. Three years after the start-up of digital television in our country there remains a rather disappointing picture. Picture and sound quality may be quite good, but we still see too many drawbacks to speak to real progress compared to analogue television. ”

The lack of competition means there is no choice for the consumer, while not all of the better picture and sound quality can enjoy because viewers must buy new equipment. The price of a decoder, which varies from € 75 to € 399, is also far too high, according to Test-Aankoop, while various additional services need to be paid for. “The promise of digital television has not been delivered.”