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Thread: Dreamer 900 receiver

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    Dreamer 900 receiver

    Hi, Moderator,

    Recently I bought a dreamer 900 and was tested fine ART and showtime, but on reaching home it could only open FTA channels. Can any body help with the simple explanation to this?

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    Re: Dreamer 900 receiver

    Hi, I recently bought Dreamer 900 receiver and looking for the user manual. Can anybody help me please?

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    Re: Dreamer 900 receiver

    Where can i buy this dreamer 900.....?? any phone # or email or website i can contact to buy it..please let me know

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    Re: Dreamer 900 receiver

    h heard about that apparatus just this night through browsing my last emails. i was informed that it has its somewhat official site under this link :
    If you take the opportunity to access it, please let me know if Dreamer 900 has something with a Dreambox set.

    have a nice time, dear mate.


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