TF1 denies talks about AB acquisition

By Robert Briel | January 6, 2009 | 14:22 UK

French commercial broadcaster TF1 has denied newspaper reports that it was in talks with the Groupe AB to take a larger share in the company. However, the broadcaster is believed to be interested in buying the 40% in the TMC channel, which AB owns.

TF1 already owns 40% of the terrestrial commercial channel, which started life as Tele MonteCarlo, a broadcaster from the small city state of Monaco, but it now one of the more successful among the digital terrestrial newcomers.

TF1 also owns 33.5% of the Groupe AB, which it acquired in December 2006. The company is one of the major French production houses and also owns a number of channels as well as the DTH Bis platform.

With the increasing popularity of digital terrestrial television in the country, TF1 sees its market share decreasing.