Hello to everyone.

Linux CCcam Server online 24/7 permanent on leased line.

Server stats:
1st server:
hop1=20 (reshare 100%)
hop2= 325 (most of them)
hop3= 3022

Looking for relieable peers.

PM yours ONLY ACTIVE c-line and EMAIL and I'll send mine after test your server for at least a day.

Please DON'T send me PM's again and again reminding me to send you my c-line, i won't forget no one!

My first c-line for you will be on my 2nd server for a week.
If we have a good ping and mutual benefit of the share, you will get 2nd c-line to my 1st server
and we can make it permanent.

I'm looking for:

N***+ARY(13E) / Showtime+ART(7W) / CTI(15W) / BulSatCom(39E) (Provider: 604:0)
RTVi (Provider: 500 : 24b00 RTVi (13E)
NTV Mir (Provider: 90f : 0 VIASAT (5E/75E/1W)

All other Providers are welcome too.

I am sorry but I will delete the peers who are inactive for last week.

At least inform me by pm if you got ANY problems with YOUR DM.

All servers will be tested once a day and must be 100% online.

Thanks in advanced ...

P.S. please check if your inbox is not full
Btw. I am filtering fake cards, so please don't try to foul me.