Cyprus babies get their BabyTV

By Robert Briel | January 7, 2009 | 11:13 UK

BabyTV has launched on PrimeTel’s IPTV platform in Cyprus. It is the only private telecommunications company in Cyprus, which owns and operates a nationwide fibre optic network.
PrimeTel offers “triple-play” telecommunication services (telephone, internet and television), with a channel selection of more than 150 Television channels. BabyTV can be found in the basic package of PrimeTel’s IPTV platform and is available to all PrimeTV subscribers for no additional charge.
Stephanos Stephanou, PrimeTel’s Marketing Manager, said in a statement: “BabyTV is considered as one of the best childrens’ channels since it presents programmes, games, songs and activities, that give your child the opportunity to play, have fun, sing along and have a good time.”