Microsoft lets Mediaroom startover

Microsoft is making a further upgrade to its Mediaroom IPTV middleware. In an announcement at the 2009 International CES event in Las Vegas, Microsoft said it was adding Mediaroom Anytime, a feature that combines both network PVR and restart capability.

Separately, Microsoft has announced the Mediaroom platform is now in 2.5 million subscriber homes, the 1.5 million new connections demonstrating the growth of IPTV over the last 12 months.

The new Restart Anytime offers viewers the opportunity to rewind or restart the currently airing programme, regardless of whether it was previously selected for recording, or if the viewer was tuned to another channel. Live Anytime is effectively a network PVR that allows viewers to scroll back through the EPG to view programmes that have previously been transmitted. Finally, Download Anytime makes it possible for viewers to download programmes to their set-top boxes regardless of bandwidth constraints. The application could be used to deliver high definition content on networks where bandwidth is at a premium.

SingTel will trial both Restart Anytime and Live Anytime on its mio TV service in Singapore later this year.

In a further demonstration of the increasing number of applications running on Mediaroom, Microsoft is showing CES visitors an application featuring the popular BBC motoring magazine. Top Gear. The Emuse-developed application draws content direct from the show’s website.

The Top Gear demonstration and other applications were developed using the Microsoft Mediaroom Presentation Framework platform.