SmartDVB 0.0.4 Alpha

Changed the device to iterate all satellite tuners instead of trying to determine if it's a ss2 device, as this might not work with all ss2's.

Various changes in the bda device driver, thanks to Antarktis for testing this on his skystar hd2, verified to work there now. Hopefully this will work on more cards now

Commited diseqc support for twinhan bda diseqc added, untested so if you can verify the workings of this please report this to me [Note from DS : Tested and its working with BDA driver of Twinhan starbox]

Tested it with Twinhan Starbox USB 2.0 (Installed BDA Driver) and Technisat SkyStar USB 1.1 (Installed 4.5.0 Driver) and Its working very well on SD and HD channels..

Supported Devices
Cards with BDA Driver
SkyStar2 PCI and USB

SmartDVB Main Features

Support DVB-S2 and H264 channels
Fast channels switching
Powerful favorites
Channel list filters
Aspect Ratio (Stretch, 4:3, 16:9)
.ts, .mpg recording
Includes Scheduler (Using Windows Task Manager ! ) , EPG, Teletext, Teletext Subtitles
MD-API plugin support (Using FFDecsa.dll ! )

Step by step adjustments

Install the setup.msi of SmartDVB
When click the SmartDVB.exe you'll see devices selection..Select your device and click the "search for device" button, now if you see your card in the device found box, (or not and you have a skystar2 card check your device status on the system, or not and you have a card with BDA driver, either your card is not supported in the program or you have not a good BDA driver) select device and click the "select device" button and click ok and done button..
Now if the program opening without error, (or not, forget this version and sent the bdas.log and SmartDVB.log files to the author and wait next release ) click satellite > add/edit satellites select satellites you use from available satellite box and click "add" button..If you have a diseqc, click your sats from configured satellites box and click to "setting" button..Select committed and set lnb for selected sat..When finished adding sats click "done" button..
Click Channels > Current satellite to scan sats..Select related sat and click "scan" button and wait to finished scan..When scan finished click the "Update" button and click the "process" button to saving channels..
Now should select the codecs from settings > connection..Click "apply" button to saving options..
Now you are ready to use it..
*If you don't like an error message or unstability, please Install CLVD Pack, HD Pack, Free Pack to your system, only! These packages will welcome your codecs and plugins needs..
*Latest driver of your video card, latest directx, latest windows updates should be loaded on your system..