TV and the internet coming of age?

As well as its focus on 3D, the CES show has occasioned a slew of announcements by major companies on internet and the TV – including the hardware partners for Yahoo’s new “widgets” (pictured, left).

The already-announced technology will support small internet applications, or widgets, that will run alongside TV shows. Yahoo will open the widgets to developers, but they will also support a number of Yahoo’s core activities, including photo service Flickr and Yahoo Finance.

TV sets supporting the technology will come from companies including Sony Corp, Vizio, Toshiba, Samsung and LG Electronics. Launches will start a few months from now.

Internet DVD rental company Netflix has also been busy at the show, announcing two deals for TV manufacturers to build Netflix online rental capacity into their sets, without the need for separate set-top boxes.

Vizio will allow buyers to access high definition content from Netflix straight to TVs through Vizio’s Connected HDTV sets. Earlier, a similar announcement from LG Electronics would see that company also releasing sets later this year, through which users will be able to directly access Netflix service.