Open IPTV Forum publishes first specs

The Open IPTV Forum has published a detailed set of system and protocol specifications that the organisation hopes will lead to the widespread deployment of IPTV services.

Release 1 covers six significant areas; media formats, content meta data, protocols for home network, user network and network-network interfaces; declarative application environment; procedural application environment; and authentication, content protection and service protection. The document is available from the Open IPTV Forum website.

Yun Chao Hu, Chair of the Open IPTV Forum, expressed confidence that the specifications would add to the deployment of IPTV. I am very pleased to be able to say that the OIPF is already working on its next release of specifications the direction for this work has been set by the publication of the Service and Platform Requirements for Release 2. It is exciting to see the new enabling features to be included in this Release, which will further increase the end-user value of IPTV solutions.

The organisation includes manufacturers, operators and broadcasters, and recently added BBC, Canal Plus and RAI to its membership.