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Thread: Yankse "original plugin by Vlinders" for DVB-s cards

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    Re: Yankse "original plugin by Vlinders" for DVB-s cards

    I am confuse about these files. Where should I put it? I see yankse common folder, yanksee-sid.cache plus yankse.dll. Please instruct me where and how to use these? By the way, are these files for North America? I wonder if anyone can watch Asia After Dark in NA. Thanks.

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    Re: Yankse "original plugin by Vlinders" for DVB-s cards

    Thanks Le Doc,
    -Actually, AAD is on127 W (Galaxy13). I used to watch this before with Viaccess but now it change its encryption to Prediwave.
    -I am interest in Nagra2 and using S2emu file to decrypt and watch it now. But that's only for Dish Network. There is another provider Bell ExpressVu from Canada, I use to watch this with nagra 1 encryption but since they change to Nagra 2 and the way they encrypted is different than Dish Network so I cannot watch PowerVu anymore. Is there anyway you can decrypt this PowerVu?
    -I saw this Yankse can decrypt Irdeto2 and wonder if I can use it for watching FreeX TV on Intelsat 5 @ 97 W. In NA, to watch FreeX TV we need to have a smartcard but I read somewhere that with DVB card, we don't need smartcard to watch it. Is this true? Thanks for explaining. I currently use MyTheater, RitzDVB, ProgDVB and DVDDream and never use WatchTVPro. WatchTVPro is not popular in NA, I guess.

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    Re: Yankse "original plugin by Vlinders" for DVB-s cards

    Concerning FreeX TV on IA 5 (97°W), various encodings are used: Irdeto 2, Conax and XCrypt.
    - Irdeto 2 is still not exploitable.
    - Conax is already exploitable for some time already, BUT there remains difficult to find Op keys (the CAS contain personal information on the subscribers, then the appearance of Op keys is done rarer).
    - XCrypt it's also exploitable but under few conditions! XCrypt is a derivative of SHLCrypt and it's supported by some plugins like Yankse and Vplug... but NOT S2Emu! It's thus "via" this encoding that one manages to exploit this program.
    It is based on the reading of values of control constant (to simplify). Sometimes these values are known, and sometimes they are not it any more... read attentively part "DCW" in the help file yankse.

    I would cut and paste this from another site about FreeX TV:
    There are 2 way to open Free-Xtv on T5 without using any card.
    1. Use a Xcam ---> this is for stb with CI support.
    2. Xcrypt EMU software ---> coder can just add this EMU sw into the existing coolsat sw or any other stb sw, and it will open Free-Xtv cardless.
    For PCI DVB card ---> you need get the Neotioncrypt plugin. This work with MyTheatre 2.76 only.
    If the provider ID = 4AD0, the existing session keys in the plugin should work.
    If the provider ID = 4AD1, you need to input the new session key.end of c&p

    Hope this will give coder an idea.


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    Re: Yankse "original plugin by Vlinders" for DVB-s cards

    thanks men

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    Re: Yankse "original plugin by Vlinders" for DVB-s cards

    thank you very much

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