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Thread: 9660 patch allcam

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    9660 patch allcam

    On web I read that a patch to make allcam decoder like 9660, but I'm unable to find it.In Egyptian or arabic sites I read something exists.
    Does anyone know where I can find it?
    Really I have 9650s version but 9660 and 9665 are same decoder.
    A channel editor?

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    Re: 9660 patch allcam

    Try mmedit is a channel editor works for 9600 , i think you will be able to find it on recever section , nokia section , but i don't think there is firm for this recever. so many time now, nothing happenned for Nokia series.


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    Re: 9660 patch allcam

    Thanks for help.
    Unfortunately no editor channel is on nokia site for nokia 9560s series.
    But I red in egiptian site someone had allcam firmware, but it is a file of 2004 year.
    I don't know if nokia mm9650 is very different from all other nokia decoders, and so I think any editor channel will be useful for this one too.But which?

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