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Film Four

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The Red Pony (U) 1949 A boy seeks solace from his feuding family through his friendship with his beloved pony, but when the animal dies his relationship with his father seems to be irreparably damaged. John Steinbeck rewrote his own short story for this drama, starring Robert Mitchum, Myrna Loy and Peter Miles (888)

Porco Rosso (U) 1992 Imaginative animated adventure, about a former World War One flying ace cursed with the head of a pig. Living on a desert island, the pilot now scrapes a living protecting ships in the Adriatic from airborne bandits. However, his daring deeds look set to come to an abrupt end when a dashing rival attempts to ground the plucky porker permanently. Hayao Miyazaki's offbeat adventure, shot in the style of 1940s gangster movies, with the voices of Michael Keaton, Cary Elwes and Kimberly Williams (888)

Crash Dive (PG) 1943 Romantic wartime drama, starring Anne Baxter as a woman whose charms cause friction between a submarine lieutenant and his commander, who both fall for her. Tyrone Power and Dana Andrews star as the love-struck pair, alongside May Whitty and Harry Morgan (888)

Never Been Kissed (12) 1999 A clumsy twentysomething journalist is given an assignment calling for her to pose as a high-school student. However, the job brings memories of her awkward, embarrassing younger days flooding back, leaving her struggling to forget the past and confidently adopt the facade of a calm and sophisticated young lady. Unashamedly perky comedy, starring Drew Barrymore, David Arquette, Michael Vartan and Leelee Sobieski

Black Rain (18) 1989 Maverick New York cop Michael Douglas and partner Andy Garcia scour the mean streets of Japan in search of a convicted killer who gave them the slip in Tokyo. Ridley Scott's thriller has bucketloads of style. Kate Capshaw, Ken Takakura and Yasaku Matsuda co-star

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Days of Heaven (PG) 1978 Terrence Malick's acclaimed period drama, set in the early 20th century, stars Richard Gere as a labourer named Bill who goes on the run with his young sister Linda and girlfriend Abby. the group settle in Texas, where the two adults begin working on a wealthy but ailing farmer's ranch. They soon discover their new employer has developed feelings for Abby, believing her to be Bill's sibling rather than partner. Recognising a chance to escape their life of poverty, Bill encourages Abby to marry the dying man, little realising it will result in a jealous love triangle. Brooke Adams, Sam Shepard and Linda Manz also star

Silent Light (15) 2007 A married man living in a strict religious community has a secret affair with another woman. While his religion forbids adultery, he finds himself unable to give up the relationship, even after he has told his wife the truth. But when he confesses to his father, he is accused of being under the influence of the Devil. Drama, starring Cornelio Wall and Miriam Toews

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