To Watch your TV From your dream in your PC and you can RECORD TV programs

1 - Watching TV or listening radio on PC.
2 - watching from outside the house of the same through by wifi.
3 - the possibility of registering the channel directly to the hard disk
4 - can register from outside the house through the network
5 - Article pressure is recorded directly along mpg.
6 - the clarity of high-sound and picture.

01 - download the program from the link a lifting of the pressure we find two programs.
02 - The first program will be initialized first TRexSetup.exe has many other benefits.
03 - the main program TuxVisionSetup.exe be configured as it. without change.
04 - show experienced the program and put pressure on it to watch TV Tv.
05 - through option is to write your ip Aldirim.
06 - write Aliuser root and Albasword dreambox.
07 - through which to choose their place of destination is keeping records on computer.
08 - pressure nod to choose delnterlace.
09 - the choice to watch preview direct
10 - record of choice for viewing and recording together