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Thread: Hv-9090X Firmware - Pls Help

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    Hv-9090X Firmware - Pls Help

    I am a newbee and have a HV 9090X receiver (ID 00F0A126, H/W Version 1.00), based on posts in this excellent forum, I had upgraded my receiver from the

    S/W Version 11.63.2 to S/W version 11.8 as all the various channels had stopped functioning

    The problem I am now encountering that this procedure has apparently wiped out all the stored "K***" from the receiver and the appropriate fields show no data!
    Can someone please help in pointing out any additional steps I may have missed to enable AU functionality,also please provide guidance for any alternate methods to input these. Also the various sites for this receiver are very confusing as there is one firmware for a number of different models.

    Any help is highly appreciated and acknowledged in advance. I am mostly interested in the Hindi channels ("P****/S********).

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    Re: Hv-9090X Firmware - Pls Help

    check the id of the new software if its correct
    you can see the new correct firmware software n loader in :


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