Sky extends auto-standby functionality

Sky's fleet of digiboxes will go into auto-standby during the day as well as at night as part of a new environmental initiative.

A software update, which has already been downloaded to some models of digibox, will result in boxes that have not been used for four hours during the daytime to display a warning message and then go into standby. The auto-standby feature will continue to activate after only two hours during night time hours. The feature was first launched in 2007, and was only active at night.

The new software update will be rolled out to all 9m Sky TV homes by July, in a move that Sky estimates will reduce Sky's carbon footprint by 90,000 tonnes and save customers an estimated 20m each year on reduced energy bills. It is part of a new green technology push in which Sky plans to cut the energy use of new satellite dishes by approximately 10%, with new installations using low power LNBs.

"As Sky nears its 20th anniversary, we see a commitment to sustainability as a vital ingredient in long-term business success," said Sky CEO Jeremy Darroch. "People expect the brands they trust not just to deliver great quality and value but also to take clear and consistent action on the issues they care about. We know that customers expect us to play our part in creating a healthy environment, even in more challenging economic times, and these new commitments reflect that."