Orbit adds Fox Sports

Middle East pay-TV operator Orbit has secured the Fox Sports channel exclusively over the region.

Orbit says its recent addition brings viewers across the Middle East region 24 hours of non-stop premium sporting action complimented with a mix of highlights, niche programming and specialty sports news.

Fox Sports round-the-clock sports coverage includes the biggest leagues in the US such as the National Football League, National Hockey League, Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer. In addition to the 2009 PGA and European PGA tours, The ATP Champions, international soccer leagues from Argentina, Mexico, USA and club channel blocks from two English Premiere League clubs Everton and Bolton. The channel will also cover the best of motor sports, rugby, boxing, Mixed Marshall Arts and extreme sports.

“We are excited about our return to Orbit where we originally launched some eleven years ago,” said Fox SVP Jack Stanfield. “The international programming mix on Fox Sports is a perfect complement to all the other Orbit sports services. We will be working closely with Orbit to make sure we are serving the interests of the Orbit customers.”

With the addition of Fox Sports, Orbit subscribers will have access to four sports channels with more to follow. Orbit subscribers can view Pan Arab tournaments and sports on the Al Riyadiyah channel, or follow live NBA games every night exclusively on NBA TV and for more extreme action Extreme Sports “offers our subscribers exhilarating adrenaline pumped sports,” says the broadcaster.

"The addition of FOX Sports exclusively expands the existing line up of FOX services on Orbit, which already includes 20th Century Fox movies and series available across Orbit's channels and the recently added FOX News to Orbit’s lineup of News services," said Mr. Ali Ajouz, VP-Marketing at Orbit. “This proves yet again our continued commitment to add value to our subscribers. Fox Sports brings the number of channels offered by Orbit to 62 with more to follow in 2009,” Mr. Ajouz added.