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Thread: Dreambox 600PVR-C

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    Dreambox 600PVR-C

    Please please please does anyone know how to flash my new 600pvr-c ?
    I had 500c before and it had something called Camd2 in it and it opened all chanels on cablecom switzerland but then I changed to 600 to be able to record but now I cant put my old image on it , it is different I suppose.

    As you all good people can see I am totally new at this .
    I used dream up (newest version) and I managed to flash it with some new images but they didnt have any cam on it ....

    My question is : How do I integrate the missing part ( I suppose some camd or something) in to my image ?
    Should I use flash wizard or something else and where do I find these keys :)

    I am new to all this so all help will be respected !!!
    I am just a girl who love tv ....

    Thanks for all help

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    Re: Dreambox 600PVR-C

    you will need to set up a new image from scratch.

    the models are different.

    use the PLi images, they don't have the Gemini time bomb, Gemini will wreck the boot loader in your box alot of the time.

    to get all your old settings start by ftp the var folder from old box to new box.

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