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Thread: Softkeys for Watching Zee Tv

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    Softkeys for Watching Zee Tv

    hi All,

    I am completely new to this word and trying to use these emulators from last two days to see different channels. I don't know anything about how to use thes soft cams. But is there any softcam key file somewhere which i can use to see zee tv

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    Re: Softkeys for Watching Zee Tv


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    Re: Softkeys for Watching Zee Tv

    just to add something
    on nilesat zee tv is still comming soon , i mean only a test card
    just w8 sometime

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    Re: Softkeys for Watching Zee Tv

    dear friend please help me to watch zee tv in NSS 6 AT 95 DEGREE EAST.IN INDIA.PLEASE REPLY WITH A COPY TO

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