French DVD market down 7.5% in 2008

France’s DVD market fell back 7.5% in value and 5.5% in volume last year. It even lost one-third of its market share, and €600 million over the last four years.

According to main DVD syndicate SEVN, retail sales generated €1.38 bn revenues, down 7.5% last year but saved by Blu-ray digital DVD. The digital rental and sale maket finished the year with a revenue slightly above €50 mn, vs €30 mn in 2007, but does not represent more than 4% of the overall market.

SEVN is then pleading for the anti-piracy law project to be voted soon. The law project is also planing to shorten the six-month media chronology, that establishes a minimum period between showing a feature film in a cinema and using it in other ways.