Any body as a Digital Satellite receiver user have its own dream and desired figures about a satellite receiver .
I used to have different type of Digital Satellite Receivers . may i can estimate these all around 30 different type and models since digital satellite receivers came to the market .
I used to have Eurostar 9700 FTA with ST chip as my first STB in 1999-2000 .On that time i was living in Iran-TEHRAN and because satellite receivers always banned by crazy government , it was not easy to find my desired STB.
When i bought NOKIA 9600 it was like Dream for me
i think it was in 2001 and this model + Nokia 9800 were two high quality STB on that day.
I moved to UAE - Dubai in 2003 and til now i have operated many types of satellite receivers because it was also my job !
It is hard to believe that we can find 100% our desired satellite receiver and any type of satellite receiver have good and bad figures + its own related price .
Humax , DreamBox , KAON , Arion and some other Companies were producing good STB.
We can name them leader of Digital satellite receivers industries and no one can skip these receivers as good STB .
But each one of these leader have good figures either bad figures.
Considering EMU and sharing Biz we have to forget KAON and HUMAX most models because these two companies are following official biz and they withdraw themselves form the pirate biz that is always one of the big demand in market .
EMU was born by metabox ( as far as i know) and i remember how they killed all other STB market by releasing EMU as a part of their SW and caused user to throw their FUN cards away !
I remember EMU came to market in 2002-2003.til now most Providers update their encryption system and now EMU golden days already finished. most users are going to switch to internet sharing .
In between of all these story i think Dreambox is one of the best and still alive . but Dreambox have a major problem .it is so professional so normal users wont be happy with it .
I think we should not compare Dreambox with any other reciver be cause it is for professionals .
In my point of view any receiver that is somehow following Dreambox figures but more user friendly Graphic user interface it will be a good STB .
After all these experiences i think XDSR 250 PVR is one of the best receivers.
I think most users want to have powerful channel list access , management and easy to access to these figures. i found all these in XDSR 250 PVR .
I know there are so many good STB in the market but In this topic i will explain why i prefer this model and why i think it is good.