Spain's audiovisual revenue grows

Spain's TV channels and radio stations registered revenue of €4,940 million between January and September last year – growth of just 2.6% on the same period 2007.

But the data from the Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT), which regulates Spain’s telecommunications market, shows that advertising was the one revenue stream to decrease in value.

Decrease in advertising income was compensated for by higher revenue in the pay-television sector, such as pay per view, as well as by higher government subsidies.

In particular the last report of the CMT, from July to September 2008, showed a total of €1,374 million in revenue, just 1.3% more than for the same months of 2007. This figure was the lowest quarterly take.

As for PPV services these were until September a total of €180 million for the operators; pay-TV revenues were €1,055 million; public allocations €938 million; and other revenue streams €360 million.

Advertising income went down 6.2% in the first nine months of 2008 compared with the same period of 2007, to €2,402 million. This downturn came in spite of a rise in advertising minutage which over the last three months of the measured period was 539,086 minutes compared with 458,952 minutes of the previous year.

According to the CMT the public broadcasters got €90 million less between January and September, at €643 million. On their side the private broadcasters lost €52 million in advertising income, down from €1,489 million in the period of the previous year to €1,437 million.