Euronews restructures

Euronews has announced a restructuring that combines publishing company Secemie SA with operating company Socemie SA. The new legal entity will be known as Euronews SA and operate under French law.

At the same time, the 15-year old news channel has created a new governance organisation. It will consist of a supervisory board and an executive committee.

The board comprises three individuals; Pier Luigi Malesani (president of Rai International), who will serve as president; Andrey Bystritsky (chairman of The Voice of Russia and an advisor to the DG of VGTRK, who is the board’s VP; and Stéphanie Martin (director of diversification and thematic channels at France Télévisions).

Nine shareholding public television channels are also present in France Televisions, represented by Laurence Schwob; RAI (Italy), represented by Stefano Lupp; RTR (Russia), represented by Oleg Kuprianov; SSR (Switzerland), represented by Willi Burkhalter; RTP (Portugal), represented by José Lopes de Araujo; RTBF (Belgium), represented by Pierre Couchard; ERT (Greece), represented by Fotini Yiannoulatou; TV4 (Sweden), represented by Kajsa Stål and NTU (Ukraine), represented by Vladimir Nora.

Two members for the executive committee; the president is Philippe Cayla, the former chairman and CEO of Secemie, and the DG is Michael Peters, the former DG of Socemie.