Landmark for Minsk operator

The Minsk-based cable operator Kosmos TV now has 100,000 subscribers.

According to Telesputnik, the company, which is backed by the Russian Akado group, saw its cable TV and internet subscriber totals grow by 23.6% and over 100% respectively between January 2008 and this month.

Kosmos TV was established in the Belarusian capital in 1993 and initially operated only as an MMDS service.

It secured the right to build a cable network in 2000 and to offer internet access two years later, and the latter are now subscribed to in 40,000 homes.

All told, Kosmos TV services can be received in one in two of 600,000 homes in Minsk.

Kosmos TV is currently trailing a digital package that includes two HD channels.