Freeview+ PVR boosts sales

January 27, 2009

Picture: Vismedia

Freeview is enjoying renewed success through increasing sales of its PVR product. The UK DTT platform says sales for Freeview+ boxes have reached over 900,000, representing a 118% increase between December 2007 and December 2008. A record final quarter brought the equivalent of two boxes purchased every minute.

During November, Freeview+ featured in its first television advertising campaign, increasing sales by an average of 150% year-on-year and growing website traffic by 80%.
“Freeview+ is adding a new dimension to people’s viewing experience, allowing them to take control of what they watch and when they watch it. More than half of Freeview+ users tell us they can’t live without it,” said Freeview MD Ilse Howling.

Freeview is now available in 17.2 million homes, around half of which rely exclusively on the no subscription platform as their only form of linear television delivery. Given the pace of UK digital switchover, and the near universal availability of at least three of the six available multiplexes, there remains the distinct possibility of being able to access most of the country’s 25 million households.