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Thread: Gamma card and Showtime

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    Gamma card and Showtime

    is it any solution for showtime to work with show time i have anew card
    ART works perfect put showtime is never
    i put the files 19/8/2008
    after that art work but showtime is not

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    Angry Re: Gamma card and Showtime

    well this is amazing ! just purchased a card from france ! and can't get showtime work ... tried alll files around mixed them and even try to change some provider to get update hell nothing works
    and this is such a nasty team , and there is no tools for editing CARD to change some important things link HSN....PRV00-30 why we stuck on hsn-4768F7 or related to gamma team , we buy a card and do everything to get it works !
    I have my card only one week and get only ART

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