Lista compatible Abracadabra card :

MAX S100
MAX S200
MAX S102
MAX S202

FTA 100 Plus With modulator + 1 scart + 0/12v + 3 RCA (2 audio, 1 video) + RS-232 + power on/off
FTA 200 Plus With modulator + 1 scart + 0/12v + 3 RCA (2 audio, 1 video) + RS-232 + power on/off
FTA 300 With modulator + 1 scart + 0/12v + 3 RCA (2 audio, 1 video) + RS-232 + power on/off
DVB-3023 LED display Rear panel: with modulator, 1 tv scart, 1 digital Audio, 2 Audio, 1 Video, RS 232, IF IN / OUT, power on/off .
DVB-8004 1 card embedded receiver
DVB-8004 Super 1 card embedded receiver
DVB-3023 Super FTA receiver
AG-R5100D Super FTA receiver
AG-R5200D Super FTA receiver
SR-X4000D Super FTA receiver
SR-X4200D Super FTA receiver
SR-X10D Super FTA receiver
SR-X20D Super FTA receiver
SR-X30D Super FTA receiver
SR-X22CU Super 1 Smartcard receiver
SR-X5300CU Super 1 Smartcard receiver
SR-X6300CU Super 1 Smartcard receiver
SR-X7000D FTA receiver
SR-X7200D FTA receiver
SR-X7100CU 1 Smartcard receiver
SR-X7300CU 2 Smartcard receiver
Xtream -2 256 color OSD Diseq 1.0/1.1/1.2 compatible 9 pictures in graphic USALS Multi Satellite Search Infrared Remote Controller Fast Channel Switching Easy Installing Program Setup Favorite List 2 TV Scart output rs232 interface for software upgrade Preset Seacrh / Auto Scan 800 Pages Teletext Satco DX Subtitles S/PDIF, video and audio RCA outputs 4000 channels
X-2007 FTA Receiver
X-2007 FTA FTA Receier
X-2007 FTA Small FTA Receiver
X-2007 CA CA Receiver
X-2007 FTA Super FTA Receiver
X-2007 FTA Small Super FTA Receiver
X-2008 CI Common interface Receiver
X-2010 PVR PVR Receiver
700CA Plus 1 SMART CARD SLOT Receiver
700FTA plus FTA receiver
800CA Plus 1 SMART CARD SLOT Receiver
800FTA Plus FTA receiver
Megasat 4000 FTA receiver
P 1 FTA receiver
P 2 1 Card reader receiver
P 1 super FTA receiver
P 2 super 1 Card reader receiver
DSR-8001 Super Slim FTA receiver
DSR-8002 Super Slim FTA receiver
DSR-8005CA Super Class 1card reader
DVB-8005CA Super Class CA receiver
CB 4200 FTA FTA receiver
CB 4200 CA CA receiver
DVB 2023 Super FTA receiver
DVB 3005 SM CA receiver
ST-15X Super FTA receiver
5500 CX Super CA receiver
CA 100 Super 1 card reader receiver
CA 310 Super CA Receiver
CA 410 Super CA Receiver
FTA 100 Super FTA Receiver
FTA 200 Super FTA Receiver
FTA 400 Super FTA Receiver
CACI 420 Super 1 CA +1 CI Receiver
BM 150 FTA FTA receiver
BM 350 CAS CA receiver
BM 450CAS 1 card reader receiver
5000 PVR PVR+CI+CA receiver
STV 3005 FTA Receiver
STV 3015 one card reader receiver
STV 3025 CI+CA receiver