rqcs 1.04

2009-01-29 v1.04

- Fixed a small bug and now it's confirmed working on ROM103.

- Added extra validatons when retrieving DT08. Now, if DT08 session negotiation is being
used and the card doesn't have a DT08, it will inform and exit.

- Some improvements to better handle invalid or unsupported card data. Avoids crashes
in some cases.

- Fixed bugs with console/file logging not behaving correctly.

- Fixed a bug related to provider identification that made rqcs crash, and also improved
handling of system id's so the server returns a full list. This should fix problems
with some cards that have multiple providers.

- Added a command-line parameter to specify a custom path for the configuration file.

- Optimizations to the ECM cache to perform better on heavy loads.
2008-12-26 v1.00
- First public release.

- Supports ROM102 and ROM24X.

- Currently, only Newcamd protocol is supported, more to be added later.

- Many standard features you'd expect in a card server (explore rqcs.conf).

- Special thanks go out to jimlupien and patx who provided a lot of help and
info which made this release possible!

Planned features:
- Support for Triple Dragon (and possibly DGStation, depending on CDK

- Support for ROM103.

- rqcamd-style web interface with full statistics/administration

- Support for an improved communication protocol native to rqcs.

- Support for a d2c syntax-compatible protocol called DSCCP (direct
smartcard communication protocol) that will enable custom applications to
communicate at the packet level with a smartcard inserted in a DB slot
(this opens many possibilities, such as card-auxing).

- Custom windows application that will connect to rqcs via DSCCP and execute
WinExplorer-style scripts on the card.

- Add support for serial port ISO readers (for Linux x86 version).

- Win32 version.

NOTE: The x86 version is still not working. That is a planned feature.

rqcs 1.00 has only been tested on PowerPC boxes (DM500, DM7020).
It *should* work the same on other Dreamboxes, however: *USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!*

2008-12-29 v1.01
- A couple of bug fixes and tweaks. The card server simply stopped working after
some hours (particularly with ROM102). This is fixed now.

2009-01-10 v1.02
- Several optimizations and bug fixes to improve stability on high client

- Confirmed working in DGStation boxes.

- Improved console & file logging (when multiple clients connected).

- Added SID filtering capabilities. For details read comments in rqcs.conf

- Added support for ROM103. This is *untested*. Anyone able to try it please report
your results.

- Added support for Secondary Key session negotiation method, in addition to the
existing DT08 one. Of course, you will need the Secondary Key from the IRD the card
is married to for this method to work.

IMPORTANT: For additional details about configuring the Secondary Key, read the
notes in the corresponding section in rqcs.conf

- Added support for Phoenix ISO readers (use the "sci_type" slot parameter to
select). This setting is independent of the box type, here are some sample

Dreambox with internal smartcard slot: box_type=0, sci_type=0
Dreambox with ISO reader connected to serial port: box_type=0, sci_type=1
Linux x86 PC with ISO reader connected to serial port: box_type=3, sci_type=1

- x86 Linux version is now *working* with Phoenix style ISO readers.

- IMPORTANT: To enable some of the features in this release you *must* use the
new rqcs.conf file in it, which has new entries.

WARNING: i have received reports that rqcs is not working in DM800HD. I suggest you
don't try it on these boxes until i'm able to test.

2009-01-16 v1.03
- Several improvements and bug fixes for stability (all versions). Solves the occasional
crashes v1.02 still had.

- Added support for Triple Dragon internal smartcard slot (thanks to megalomaniac for
source and help).

- Added Win32 version (rqcs.exe and rqcs.conf must be in the same directory).

NOTE: There is no need to configure the "box_type" and "sci_type" parameters. Both
are ignored and ISO Phoenix interface is used. Read the rqcs.conf for
notes about how different parameters behave in the Win32 version.