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Thread: Main problem with receivers sold with Abra card

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    Main problem with receivers sold with Abra card

    I just bought an SRX5300CU Super which came with an Abra card which is suposed to work for one full year. The problem is it seems I have to upgrade my receiver every night with the new Beta patch to be able to have the Abra channels so my freinds before you buy an Abra card or pay a lot for a receiver with Abra card, you need to know what you are getting yourself into. I haven't got time to use my new receiver yet, but, with a new patch every night, it seems I am going to do a lot of upgrading on my new receiver in 2009. What you guys think?

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    Re: Main problem with receivers sold with Abra card

    That's just how it works. Every package which abra opens also upgrade their systems because people like us is getting their channels for free without profit to them. so developers of abra softwares also have to upgrade it to open the package again. your getting the package free anyway. all you need to do is upgrde it if you want it.
    maybe the salesman told you that you will get free for 1 year or more. well you will get it free alright but you have to upgrade oftenly. that's just how it work.


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