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Thread: VPlug help needed

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    VPlug help needed

    Hello there, I just got myself an USB DVB-S and trying to setup Provdvb + VPlug. Apparently VPlug is installed correctly and the icon is shown and I see some raw info, but nothing more than a blank screen.

    I am doing:

    - Target is at 13E (Hotbird)
    - Copying v_sids.db , v_keys.db into progdvb folder
    - Selecting an encrypted channel (which is supposed to be decrypted by the keys) and waiting.

    am I missing something ?

    Best Regards.

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    Re: VPlug help needed

    This is the exact same situation I am in.

    I have a dish pointed at 13E, 19.2E and 25.5E (2 dishes and a 'little wizard' holding an extra LNB) and have been happily watching my sky subscription on my PC via my cheap and cheerful VideoMate 350 DVB-S card.
    Recently I was interested in trying out my old LNBs pointed at 13E and 19.2E and lo and behold there's a multitude of digital channels there. This is when I heard about CAMs and that vplug could pretend to be a CAM so i downloaded it.

    I have tried all the latest keys i can find, swapping out v_keys and importing softcam keys mostly for 13E - nothing. Even when a channel has no error in the Vplug monitor I still see a blank screen with no sound.

    Can someone point me to a good tutorial or beginners text or something? I'm obviously missing something but i cant work out what.

    Thanks :)

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