DTT covers over 92% of Spaniards

According to latest data from Impulsa TDT's Observatory, 92,38% of Spaniards are now covered in their homes by DTT signals.

This figure, offered by network operator Abertis Telecom, means a growth in the coverage of some 3.1% in the last five months, or over 1.4 million citizens moving not having access to DTT to being potential viewers of it.

At present Spain's DTT coverage is one of Europe's greatest with nearly 42.5 million out of 46 million people having the potential to receive the DTT signal in their homes when they have a decoder and have adapted their collective antenna.

Moreover these coverage figures do not include the extensions made by other operators different from Abertis Telecom so the real coverage figure could be even higher than 92.38%.

The evolution of Spain's DTT coverage is regulated by the National DTT Plan which establishes a calendar for the extension in six different periods. This plan establishes that on December 31 2008 the coverage of all national and regional broadcasters should be around 90%, a figure surpassed according to Impulsa TDT. The first four periods of this extension have already been completed.

"DTT's extension is one of the most important goals of the transition process. We must remember the coverage is the first main step for DTT access. The fact that more than 92% of the population with possibility of correctly tuning into DTT means a great a great advance," said Andrés Armas, Impulsa TDT's general director.
The next coverage's extension is fixed for six months’ time (July 31 2009). This will mean at least 93% of the population will have DTT coverage in their homes. Before that date, on June 3, around 5 million Spaniards scattered around the country will have their personal switch off.

As for penetration, DTT reaches 45.2% with an audience share higher than 20%. More than 15,2 million DTT boxes have been sold.

Impulsa TDT is the independent association for the extension of new television in Spain.