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Thread: Mvision ST-5 USB

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    Mvision ST-5 USB

    Hello everyone,
    I have just bought a mvision st-5 usb and I am using it with my existing sky dish. I was just wondering if there is any legal way to unscramble channels.
    Any help will be appreciated thanks

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    Re: Mvision ST-5 USB

    Hi there, trying to unscramble sky channels I wouldn't bother. I do not know of anyone who's actually has done this yet. If you're looking for any updates go to the Mvision section there's lots of help in that section.

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    Re: Mvision ST-5 USB

    Hi thanks for the quick reply, I will have a look on the mvision section thanks.

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    Re: Mvision ST-5 USB

    Hello ,
    M-Vision section by here :

    Good luck !

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