Sunday [25 January] and Monday were probably the saddest moment in the history of Malagasy airwaves: after two days [of unrest], only [privately-owned] Radio Antsiva and [Catholic-owned] Radio Don Bosco were the only existing radio stations in Antananarivo to be able to broadcast news bulletins.

The Catholic-owned radio station and that belonging to Group Prey [local company which owns several media outlets in Madagascar] then had the moral obligation to, in order to avoid a vacuum which could be felt as the source of even bigger chaos, continued to talk about the political situation and let the opinion speak their mind.

But at the same time, they also needed to manage the excitement, even hatred, that was the source of the disappearance of their counterparts: Viva [radio and television stations belong to Antananarivo Mayor Andry Rajoelina], RNM [state-owned Malagasy National Radio], TVM [state-owned Malagasy National Television], MBS [Malagasy Broadcasting System, belonging to President Marc Ravalomanana].

Radio Don Bosco chose to avoid dwelling on information and gave the freedom to various tendencies which called for calm and moderation, mainly from the civil societies and religious organizations.
For its part, Radio Antsiva involved itself more by giving a wider coverage of the events and accepting to air more “political” views from all sides thus allowing Andry Rajoelina and President Marc Ravalomanana to speak live several times on its airwaves.

In the regions, many radio stations preferred to keep their distances, especially after warnings from the local authorities against Radio Feon’i Mania (Ambositra) [southcentral region] and Radio Ravinala (Manakara) [in east].
A semblance of normalization has been observed since then with the successive return on air of Radio Viva, RNM, Radio Mada [privately-owned radio station], TVM and Viva TV.
However, even if the broadcasts resumed, the technical quality still needed to be adjusted, the contents are still shaky. [Passage omitted]
[On 31 January, reported that state-owned TVM and RNM stopped broadcasting at 1400 gmt. No reasons were given for the interruption]