I live in New Caledonia an island in the pacific ocean (north west to Brisbane)
I want to install a 3m parabolic antenna to receive Asiasat3C which covers my area to receive indian channels like star vijay/ZEE etc.
My problem is most of the Indian channels are Crypted (DVB videoguard/DVB Conax)
I tried to get a decoder box and subscription from the broadcasters around (Australia/Singapore/Fiji Islands) but they refuse to sell telling that they do have have rights to broadcast in NC.
Here no broadcaster telecast these channels for me.
i am sure if I contact ZEE or Star One they would not even mind to reply me.
Now my question is can I view these channels by purchasing an Inegrated receiver decoder (DVB...) and watch this channels or I would need anyway a subscription ?
One of my friend tell that I do not need subscription as the channels will not be scrambled as we have no broadcasters here.
But I need to be sure before installing and noone is (even the antenna installer) can reply me properly
As this installation is quite a big budget (4000 USD) I would like to be sure that I get all the channels I want.

Please any professionals or people who are aware of how to do help me

Desperate Housewife