Telecinco negotiates with Sony

Spanish broadcaster Telecinco is in talks with major Sony Pictures for distribution of Sony’s content on one of its DTT channels, Telecinco 2, according to local reports. While it is unlikely the channel will be sold to Sony, it seems that Sony could reach a joint-venture agreement with owner Mediaset for the channel.

It seems Spain's producers are not very interested in selling programming to DTT. Media group Unidad Editorial has two digital terrestrial channels Veo TV and Aprende Inglés TV, both airing foreign programming. Another important national media group Vocento has leased a MUX to Disney for Disney Channel on DTT.

Should it go ahead, it would not be Telecinco’s first international joint venture as last November the channel reached an agreement with Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) to offer children’s programs from the major's thematic channels such as Cartoon Network and Boomerang.

Telecinco has two DTT specific channels Telecinco 2 and Factoría de Ficción (FDF), apart from the digital signal of its conventional analogue channel Telecinco.