The latest universal remote control from One For All, XSIGHT, combines advanced functions, control of up to 18 devices from over 1,000 brands, and easier setup features.

There's no manual provided - you use on-screen prompts on the remote or a PC to select the device types and brands. If your product is not listed you can use the USB port to connect via a PC to One For All's special website,, for more device types. The website can also be used to set up shortcut keys for Favourites, Profiles and Activities.

Other features include the ability to programme up to 72 favourite channels with channel logos, profiles for up to six different users, and 12 presets for regular activities such as watching a DVD.

The XSIGHT remote controls will be available in the UK from major electrical retailers and online at The XSIGHT Colour is priced 99.99, and the XSIGHT Touch is 129.99. Look out for a full review soon and visit for more information.