Zon digital take-up grows

February 5, 2009

The leading Portuguese cable operator Zon Multimedia ended 2008 with 495,800 digital TV subscribers, or 29.8% more than 12 months earlier.
It also had 479,000 broadband and 327,100 broadband internet and voice subscribers, up 19.7% and 291.8% respectively on 12 months earlier.

All told, nearly one in four (23%) of its customers opted for triple play services. It had 2,834,300 RGUs as of the end of Q4 2008, while its basic cable subscriber total stood at 1,521,100.
Significantly, as of January 20 this year 100,000 Zon boxes, offering such features as HD, PVR and a new EPG, had been installed at Zon customers’ premises.