RiksTV struggling to reach subscriber targets

February 6, 2009 | 09:56 UK

RiksTV is facing a slowdown in new subscriber acquisitions that could see the Norwegian DTT pay platform falling short of its half million-subscriber target.
Since its launch in the autumn of 2007, RiksTV has established itself as Norway’s third largest TV distributor, announcing 340,000 subscribers at the annual Elektronikkbransjens press conference. However, after a heady start when subscriber numbers were ahead of expectations, new acquisitions have now slowed.

Owners NRK, TV2 and Telenor were expecting their 500,000 homes could be reached as a result of the ongoing analogue switchover, but with the process well underway, it has become apparent that this can only be achieved by encouraging subscribers to jump ship from the other platforms such as Viasat, Get and Canal Digital, the latter owned by Telenor itself.
There are also suggestions that RiksTV may be losing ground to its satellite counterparts.