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Thread: activate FTA sky card

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    activate FTA sky card

    I have a FTA sky card that must have been deactivated although it unlocks setanta news.
    How can I reactivate it. Is there a way with the box etc Or any other way.
    I am in Spain so I cannot call sky.

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    Re: activate FTA sky card

    Hi Nigel

    leave it in the box with box on can take up to 24 hours i guess it has not been in a box for a while or you can not get the channels there required for the card

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    Re: activate FTA sky card

    try to put channel 5 and leave it on for one night long

    it should give new rights for setanta and other ftv channels

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    Re: activate FTA sky card

    Thanks I will try that and let you know.
    I was given the card and think it has not been used for a year or so.

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    Re: activate FTA sky card

    yes it worked. I put on channel 5 and left it. It came on around 8 o clock.
    Thanks a lot

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